Uzel Price halved again the buyer did not come out

Uzel Machine Tractor Factory, which was bankrupt for the second time, was sold for half the price of the building with no buyers. 446 million pounds for the giant land and factory building was reduced to £ 223 million.

On October 5, the first sale can not find the buyer 446 million 139 thousand 553 pounds of land for the building and the price of the desired price of 223 million TL. The first tender for the building and the land of Uzel Makine Traktör, which was established as a carriage factory in a factory on a 93 thousand 547 square meter area in Rami, 150 years ago.

Price lowered by more than 200 million

46 million 139 thousand 553 pounds in the land and factory building of the land valued at a value of 223 million 300 thousand TL despite the sale was not available to buyers . Today, the first bankruptcy department did not participate in the second sale carried out on the same price.

3rd time to be put on sale

The file was sent back to the bankruptcy desk. In the case of creditors’ advance payment, the Bankruptcy Desk will bring the factory building and land for the third time. 

Uzel Machinery, one of the oldest and largest companies of Turkish industry in tractor production, was declared as bankruptcy decision 6 years ago, the liquidation process had begun.


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